Why ICX4?

Any solution or initiative, is only as good as the data input into it. The challenge is as soon as data enters a system, it's relevance has the potential to degrade, as this is only a snapshot in time of an ever-changing digital world. ICX4 understand the way to get the most from any system is by ensuring the data it uses to create value is up to date, relevant and consistent. Therefore, all data used within key systems must be future-proofed!


Our platform is configurable to your needs and systems, with over 100 external data sources mapped to our data model (People, Organisations, Market / Instrument, Locations).


Our platform is a proven model, used by several Tier 1 Financial Institutions, that has the ability to map, connect & maintain entities both through internal to internal and internal to external sources.

Ease of Implementation

Available for implementation onsite or in the cloud, we are experienced in meeting all relevant security and implementation requirements.

Our Products & Services

Ensuring your internal data is current, connected and relevant at all times.

The DNA molecule carries the genetic instruction for growth, development and reproduction.

ICX4 understand data is the DNA on which organisations base all decisions, mitigating risk and enabling growth.



Our platform, businessDNA gives the ability to harness the power of your data against a single entity master, validated against external sources.

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Our a standalone List Management product standardises internal list creation and external list ingestion, providing enhanced data quality, linking and the ability to distribute in multiple formats.

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Specialised Data Projects

We offer bespoke services for any ad hoc programme that requires the ability to map, link and validate data.

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KYC Advisory Panel

Following the success of our List Management Advisory Panel, ICX4 has established a group of industry experts to explore the challenges and potential solutions technology can offer in relation to KYC. We are once again Read more…

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