In the last two years the need to understand and consolidate customer behaviour has become ever more important. Organisations are under pressure to generate more value per client and the need to comply with GDPR and other regulatory requirements, is leading to excessive time and cost being spent locating and accessing, the necessary data.

Most organisations strive to achieve a single view of their clients, however, due to siloed operations, an ever-increasing amount of data and cost, it becomes increasingly difficult to arrive at a complete picture of a given client.

The benefits of a single view are understood by most:

  • An insight into client behaviour.
  • More effective customer engagement.
  • More value per client.
  • Easier regulatory reporting.
  • Risk identification and mitigation.

Working with a top 3 global bank, ICX4 mapped, matched, cleansed and remediated their global customer base, across all business lines, using the enterpriseDNA solution providing a 360 degree view, of over 20 Million clients.

ICX4 can help reduce your regulatory exposure

Our Products


A robust, proven global data model used by some of the world’s leading financial institutions to map their entire data landscape, providing a solid foundation for improving operational and data efficiency.

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Provides you with a interactive graphical representation of your data lineage allowing you to understand data dependencies, the impact of data changes and the sunsetting of legacy systems.

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Matches your internal data against a large selection of external data sets in real time, ensuring all corporate decisions are based on the most accurate and current data available.

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Creates value from your data, managing complex operational list base challenges including event driven KYC and vendor management, ensuring all are consolidated where required and current.

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enterpriseDNA plus

​Combines the benefits of our four core products, to give any organisation the ability to maximise data and operational efficiency.

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