Know Your Data

Working hand in hand with the world's leading Financial Institutions, ICX4 has developed a unique blend of technology and services to ensure that an organisation's internal data is kept up to date and consistent with a large selection of external data sources.

This is all done in real time without the need for complex data remediation exercises, helping companies to be compliant with robust regulatory demands, assisting in creating a commercial advantage and shaving off tens of millions in operational costs.

Case Studies

Single Client View

ICX4's implementation of businessDNA for a global bank that had thousands of systems, feeding hundreds of central repositories, resulting in 45 million matched, verified and maintained customer records across systems (including legacy and siloed applications without altering existing architecture). ICX4’s solution enabled a planned reduction of 7 years in the banks regulatory back book remediation program.

Validate & Enrich

Project with a Tier 1 Bank in which ICX4 enriched over 25,000 LEIs (net new or repaired) in preparation for MiFIDii. Cleaned and enhanced over 30% of the data set and our address validation and augmentation service significantly eliminated data quality issues with name and address standards on the global data set.

Data Remediation

ICX4 have applied our data expertise to various data remediation projects across financial institutions.  We specialise in big data and in unlocking the potential of data left in siloed legacy systems, through cleaning, standardising and mapping data to our model.  Our configurable matching engine can be applied to a wide range of remediation challenges.

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