Optimised List Management

Effective & Efficient List Management

ICX4 help large Financial Institutions optimise their List Management before screening filters, increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of downstream screening activities.  Ensuring data accuracy and completeness of the lists being fed into screening tools, allows for better screening outcomes in terms of timeliness, informed decision making and reduced false positives.

listDNA provides an operating model and workflow for managing the ingestion, creation and maintenance of multiple lists and importantly allowing multiple countries to provide a structured mechanism to input internal list content to a central unit for inclusion.

Through linking entities across lists into a single entity view, listDNA provides auditable enrichment and validation, whilst reducing duplication of work downstream.

With all lists standardised & consolidated onto one platform, multiple feeds can be distributed in their required format.

Key Benefits

Future-Proofed Data


Using our businessDNA platform, all list data can be kept current with the external primary sources and vendors, facilitating accurate & timely business intelligence.



Designed and built in partnership with a leading Financial Institution, audibility was a fundamental design feature and must have requirement, reducing the level of effort required when dealing with



External lists are ingested and mapped to our Data Model, whilst internal list creation is controlled through a customisable Workflow to prevent duplication, ensure data completeness (minimum mandatory fields) and provide a standard data format across all internal and external global and regional lists.

Linking, Enriching & Deduplication


Our product identifies links which confirm an entity is the same across various sources, creating a single entity view.  This enables auditable enriching as well as reducing duplication of screening downstream.



listDNA provides flexibility to fit with any operations hierarchy, reporting requirements and output format requirements, making any implementation process simpler and business change processes less painful.


daniele-levis-pelusi-672034-unsplash (1)
  • Ingestion of External Lists
  • Workflows & Approvals
  • Reporting & Distribution
  • Review Periods


  • All lists are in one platform, which can ingest any source and export to multiple feeds.
  • Single Point of Access
  • Entries can be compared, contrasted & linked.

Proven Technology

ICX4 were the first regulation focused technology organisation to build a list management system to meet the requirements of an Anti-Financial Crime operation.

Improved Time to Value

listDNA is a packaged, off-the-shelf product which means benefits can be accelerated against a self or outsourced build that will take time to design and develop.

Speed to Integrate

As the system is stand-alone & built specifically with List Management in mind, it offers speed to market delivering value both in terms of user & business value, as well as cost savings.

Best Practice

Our experience working on this specific business need with others adds value, provides insight and accelerates the dealing with project issues.


Our listDNA product can be delivered either on-premise or via a private virtual cloud (e.g. AWS) to suit your implementation requirements.


We are experienced in meeting all relevant security and implementation requirements and documentation, having delivered into several global Tier 1 Financial Institutions.

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