Validated Maintained Data

The Platform

Our technology platform, businessDNA, ingests data from multiple internal and external sources.

The data is cleaned & standardised and mapped into our Data Model.

Once this data is standardised, it can be compared, contrasted and matched by configurable rules, producing a single entity master for all types of entities including people, organisations, objects, funds & instruments and locations.

businessDNA therefore provides:

  • Data which is validated against internal to internal records
  • Data which is validated against internal to external sources
  • Data which is linked between various sources (internal & external)
  • Change notification and trigger-based alert capabilities
  • Relationships, connections and linkages between entities

Data Solutions Applications

In order to allow our clients to harness the power of their data, we have developed a range of specialised data solutions applications that sit within our businessDNA platform, that can be applied across multiple uses within the financial sector including AML, KYC, Onboarding/Exit Management & other uses throughout the Client Lifecycle.

These applications can be run as stand-alone or integrated with client or vendor solutions.



Allows the user to search both external and internal worlds, cross-mapped to a single entity, as well as any internal records that link to the target entity.



A profile of a single entity that is maintained both from external sources as well as updated internally.  Changes are tracked with full audit available and can be used for trigger-based alerts.


On Demand Extract

This gives our clients the ability to generate customisable reports on the data within the platform and export these to a range of outputs.


Our businessDNA platform can be delivered either on-premise or via a private virtual cloud (e.g. AWS).

We are experienced in meeting all relevant security and implementation requirements and documentation, having delivered into several global Tier 1 Financial Institutions.

Next Steps


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