Future Proof Your Data

Our technology platform, ingests data from multiple internal and external sources, cleans & and maps this into our Data Model and provides a range of data solutions applications that can be applied across multiple uses within the financial sector including AML, KYC, Onboarding/Exit Management & other uses throughout the Client Lifecycle.



Our platform, businessDNA gives the ability to harness the power of your data against a single entity master, validated against external sources.

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listDNA is a standalone List Management product that standardises internal list creation and external list ingestion, providing enhanced data quality, linking and the ability to distribute in multiple formats.

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Specialised Data Projects

We offer bespoke services for any ad hoc programme that requires the ability to map, link and validate data.

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Our Platform can Provide...


Increased effectiveness and efficiency in business decisions by ensuring all the most accurate and current data available.

Reduced wasted resources processing false alerts and duplicated work due to poor data accuracy and completeness.

Why Choose ICX4?

Our platform is a proven model, used by several Tier 1 Financial Institutions.

Available for implementation onsite or in the cloud, our products and services are customisable to your needs and systems, with over 100 external data sources mapped to our data model.


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