The issue

Tracking changes in your data is an almost impossible task.

  • Large costly, data remediation projects.
  • Increased operational costs.
  • Hiring and setting up of large KYC teams.
  • Expensive KYC Periodic review processes.
  • Regulatory exposure.
  • Costly outsourced projects to manager vendor due diligence.

How listDNA works

listDNA provides a single platform for all the different lists to be mapped, cross-referenced and maintained, and then distributed across the organisation to wherever they are needed, providing a continuous or periodic validation of internal data against the outside world.


  • Complete data remediation exercises quicker, reducing manual input significantly.
  • Re-use data remediation activity to create an event-driven client or supplier due diligence process.
  • Event-based processing reduces regulatory exposure by ensuring all high-risk clients are continuously monitored against all your chosen data sets, not just Politically Exposed Persons and Sanctions.
  • Reduce operational costs relating to list management by up to 80%.

listDNA improves operational efficiency and enhances customer engagement

Our Products


A robust, proven global data model used by some of the world’s leading financial institutions to map their entire data landscape, providing a solid foundation for improving operational and data efficiency.

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Provides you with a interactive graphical representation of your data lineage allowing you to understand data dependencies, the impact of data changes and the sunsetting of legacy systems.

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Matches your internal data against a large selection of external data sets in real time, ensuring all corporate decisions are based on the most accurate and current data available.

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Creates value from your data, managing complex operational list base challenges including event driven KYC and vendor management, ensuring all are consolidated where required and current.

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enterpriseDNA plus

​Combines the benefits of our four core products, to give any organisation the ability to maximise data and operational efficiency.

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