ICX4 was delighted to host our List Management Advisory Panel at The Ritz, London on Wednesday evening, 26th March 2019.

Our panel members are SME's in List Management and regulatory compliance across six global financial institutions, and has been supported by ACAMS.

Focus areas include raising the profile of List Management as an integral path to providing better screening outcomes, examining the operational challenges List Management poses for financial institutions and discussion solutions and future vision for List Management.

This was the third meeting of our panel, in which we presented a whitepaper draft, aimed at enhancing collaboration with regulatory bodies to address the key challenges raised by the group.

Samantha Sheen, SME is writing the paper on behalf of ICX4 and has added significant insight from her research into the challenges faced by the panel.  The paper is being released today, to panel members only, to provide feedback, and we look forward to circulating this once the paper is finalised.


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