Periodic reviews are one of the fastest growing operational costs in the Banking industry. Due to regulatory changes, financial organisations across the globe are under increasing pressure to demonstrate “Know Your Customer” or KYC. Not only at the time of client on-boarding but throughout the client lifecycle.

This has led to two costly initiatives financial institutions must complete

  1. Data Remediation.
  2. Periodic reviews of all clients based on their perceived level of risk.

Both activities are expensive as they require a vast amount of manpower to access multiple data sets, wade through countless false positives, complete internet based research and finally, build or add to a KYC file.

Unfortunately almost as soon as either activity is complete, the value of the review degrades, as people, corporations and situations change. This means that the review does little to reduce regulatory risk.

Using a tailored version of our core suite of products, ICX4 continuously match any internally held data, to a large selection of external data sources (Known End State).  Ranging from corporate registries, ID & V, to global regulatory databases.

Based on user-defined rules, we are able to alert you of any material changes or automatically update non-material changes. This ensures that your internal data is consistently current and any potential risks are dealt with — reducing the workload on further reviews by at least 60%.

ICX4 can improve operational efficiency, cutting current monitoring costs by up to 80% 

Our Products


A robust, proven global data model used by some of the world’s leading financial institutions to map their entire data landscape, providing a solid foundation for improving operational and data efficiency.

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Provides you with a interactive graphical representation of your data lineage allowing you to understand data dependencies, the impact of data changes and the sunsetting of legacy systems.

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Matches your internal data against a large selection of external data sets in real time, ensuring all corporate decisions are based on the most accurate and current data available.

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Creates value from your data, managing complex operational list base challenges including event driven KYC and vendor management, ensuring all are consolidated where required and current.

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enterpriseDNA plus

​Combines the benefits of our four core products, to give any organisation the ability to maximise data and operational efficiency.

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