Our Approach

ICX4 understands that building a comprehensive representation of an organisation’s data landscape is an expensive and lengthy process, one most organisations lack the appetite for. Driven by shareholder expectations, the focus is typically for immediate, profit-driven initiatives.

At ICX4 we have built a modular, issue-focused approach to creating a complete picture of your data landscape. These address key business needs individually, while simultaneously, populating our proven enterprise-class data model. This approach ensures activity used to address one need, can be utilised to meet others.


Our Philosophy


Inspired by the DNA molecule, which carries the genetic instruction used in growth, development and reproduction of all known organisms.

Our hypothesis is that data is the molecule within an organisation that all decisions are based on, enabling growth, development and increased results:

Failure to understand the DNA, or by assimilating the wrong DNA, leads to weakness and potential breakdowns within the corporate organism.

We believe that whilst there are many important reasons why understanding and utilising your data makes profound sense, keeping the regulator happy is not one of them. Regulator comfort is a bi-product of understanding and maximising your most valuable asset, data.

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