Regulation, business practice and common sense dictate that if you’re dealing with an entity, you need to be 100% sure that you know who they are, who they connect to, and have accurate data to support even the most robust investigation.

Why this is a Challenge

If you're in financial services, it's likely that your organisation has inherited diverse systems full of individual records. Are these entities the same? It’s hard to tell as even if they appear the same, they differ in a myriad of details.

For many organisations, the route to solving this problem is to centralise all systems. However, the result is often multiple, central silos instead of one central master. Keeping all your data in one place is a critical step in resolving the problem. Yet it's only part of the answer.

The Data

Millions of entities – some that may be the same – held separately across multiple systems. Data inside your organisation that cannot keep up with the reality of change in the external world.

How can all these entity records be identified, cleansed, matched and safely put away? Once they’re put away, how do you keep the data current?

“We had hundreds of legacy systems and hundreds of thousands of entities collated over 30 years. How could we know what was correct, current, timely and legitimate? How could we report accurately unless we could see how everything connected”
- Client from a Major Bank

How We Help

Our process uses sophisticated machine learning to continuously evaluate multiple primary and secondary sources in the external world to create one entity – a single, source-agnostic profile.

From your internal data, we take each entity from every system where it’s held and create a match with its counterpart in the external world. Now it’s possible to see which entities in your internal systems are the same – and how they are connected.

The external version of your data is automatically monitored, updated and maintained, enabling you to either refresh your data internally or cross reference your data at any time with the external world view.

Here’s How it Works

Our iterative process becomes automated, continually updating your data.

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