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The power of entity

ICX4 helps the financial community resolve local and enterprise wide data issues with accuracy, quality, governance, lineage, reporting, adoption and control.

When dealing with an entity, an organisation needs to be 100% sure that it understands who they are, who they connect to, and have accurate supporting data for the most robust investigation.

We had hundreds of legacy systems and hundreds of thousands of entities collated over 30 years. How could we know what was correct, current, timely and legitimate? How could we report accurately unless we could see how everything connected?

Head of Data Quality
Tier One Bank

ICX4’s solutions create one entity — a single, source-agnostic profile that takes each entity from every client source system and creates a match with its counterpart in the external world.

ICX4 can monitor, update and maintain legacy information automatically, enabling the organisation to drive accurate, consistent data to the central repository or core source systems.

  • Cost reduction

    Results eliminate manual, non-value add processing and enable visibility without the need to replace, affect or remove existing systems, including legacy applications.

  • Compliance

    ICX4 enables robust current state assessment of a business’s compliance; where data completeness and accuracy is a requisite.

  • Revenue opportunity

    Know your clients, their products and connections to enhance insight, opportunity and service delivery.

  • Operational efficiency

    Monitor and automate remediation, streamline data delivery, off board, simplify complexity, reduce manual intervention.

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